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Which graph shows the equation V = 4 + 2t, where V is the total volume of water in a bucket and t is the elapsed time in minutes?

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The given equation, V = 4 + 2t, is a linear function, which means that its graph is a line.

The slope of such graph is constant; it is the coefficient of the independent variable (t in this case) and the constant term (4 in this case) is the initial value of the function (when t = 0).

To graph such function you follow these steps:

Draw two perpendicular axis: the horizontal and the verical axis.

Label the horizontall axis with the name and units of the independent variable: time in minutes.

Label the vertical axis with the name and units of the dependent variable: volmen of water (the units are not stated, so you cannot add this important information on your graph)

Choose an adequate scale and do marks on every axis: in this case I will do marks of 1 unit each.

Mark the initial value, i.e. the volume when t = 0, which is:  V = 4 + 2t = 4 + 2(0) = 4 + 0 = 4

Mark other point. For example, t = 4 ⇒ V = 4 + 2(4) = 4 + 8 = 12

You can check that the slope is equl to rise / run = 2, and the y-intercept is V = 4.

Finally, do not forget to add the title of the graph: volume of water in a bucket

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