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Are Mrs and Mr Bramble justified in not taking pride in their profession. Do you agree ? Give reasons for your answer.

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You should really take pride in your profession. Only then can others give you respect and recognition. Those who look down upon their profession remain guilt-ridden and a failure. In the story ‘Keeping It from Harold’ both Mrs and Mr Bramble are guilty of undermining the profession of boxing. Mr Bramble is a famous boxer, known as “Young Porky’. Uptil his son’s birth he thinks high of his profession. Then both he and his wife come to believe that their son Harold would feel embarrassed and ashamed of the fact that he was the son of a boxer. They keep Mr Bramble’s profession a secret from Harold. They are pleasantly shocked when Harold feels angry at being deprived of the glory and honour of being a famous boxer’s son. This proves that his parents were not justified in downgrading a good profession. Boxing, though an aggressive and bloody game, is an honourable profession like any other profession.

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