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As Harold, express year feelings in a diary entry in 80-100 words on learning about your father’s profession.

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10th April, 20….
10 p.m.
Dear Diary
I am so happy and excited today! I want to dance like mad. Today Jerry Fisher, who is Dad’ trainer (I learnt only today), revealed that Dad is no other that “Young Porky’, a famous boxer. I would not believe my ears. Dad and a boxer ? I had been told that he was a touring representative of a firm, My father was ready to sacrifice name and fame and money just for my so-called dignity. I appreciate his feelings. At the same time I feel sad that I have been deprived of the honour and glory of being the son of a great boxer. I have asked Dad to give me his photograph to swank it before my friends ever ready to make fun of me as ‘Goggles’. I have also asked Dad to fight and beat Murphy. I want him to win the bout at all costs. How I love you, Dad!

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