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As Major Percy, write a letter to your friend expressing your remorse at your failure to keep Mr Bramble away from a devilish game.

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10 Green House Susse
4th April, 20……….
Dear John
I wish I were dead this moment. You know, I am deadly against boxing which is a Devil’s game. Boxing is simply inhuman. I believe boxers are fated to go to Hell. I did my best to save Mr Bramble, my sister’s husband, from perdition. I was happy when Mr Bramble came back home deciding not to participate in the bout with Jimmy Murphy. My sister resented his coming home. I tried to persuade her to see reason and forget the money involved. Then Jerry Fisher-Mr Bramble’s trainer-undid all that I had done. He told the secret to Harold, and Harold-God save him-was so exultant on knowing that he was the son of a boxer! How mean on his part.
I’ve decided never to step in the house of those Brambles.
Yours sincerely Percy

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