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“Pa, can’t you give me a picture of yourself boxing ? I could swank like anything. And you don’t know how sick a chap gets of having chaps call him, ‘Goggles’.”
In the light of the above extract, analyze Harold’s feeling on learning that his father was a professional boxer.

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Harold overheard his father talking about him. He was curious to know what he was talking about. Jerry Fisher, in order to take revenge on Bill, told Harold that his father was not a commercial traveler but the famous boxer ‘Young Porky’, and that his father was not going to fight with Murphy because of him. Harold was astonished to learn the fact. He surprised everyone by revealing that he had a bet and if there were no contest, he was going to lose his bet. He said that his friends had the autographs of famous sport spersons. He felt annoyed that he had been kept in the dark about his father being a boxer. Nobody would have laughed at him and called him ‘Goggles’ if they had known who his father was.

Mr Bramble told Mr Fisher that it would be better for them to go back to the White Hart. After they had left, Harold continued talking about the relative merits of Sid Sampson and the Ginger Nut, the two famous boxers. There was animated expression on his face..

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