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Explain how the First World War was so horrible as war like none other before.
Explain the effect of the death of men of working age in Europe because of hte First World War.

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The First World War was a war, like no other before. The war involved the world’s leading industrial nations which now harnessed the vast powers of modern industry to inflict the greatest possible destruction on their enemies.
It was the first modern industrial war of saw the use of machineguns, tanks, aircraft, chemical weapons, etc. on a massive scale. Millions of soldiers were recruited from around the world and moved to the frontlines of large ships and trains. The scale of death — 9 million dead,20 million injured — was unthinkable before the industrial age. These deaths and injuries reduced the able-bodied work force in Europe. Household incomes declined after the war.Entire societies were reorganised for war — men went to battle, women stepped in to take up
jobs that earlier only men were expected to do.

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