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Rolled tube compared with the traditional honing has the following advantages:
(1) to improve processing efficiency: processing speed is honing nearly 20 times
(2) increase the surface hardness: the surface hardness increased by 50%.
(3) Processing accuracy: Processing accuracy can reach IT8 level, the surface roughness can reach Ra0.05-0.4μm
(4) working environment: low noise, pollution-free, saving labor costs
(5) Reasonable processing operation: Scraping and rolling light can be processed as the last process after completion of other processes (such as drilling hole, welding, threading, etc.)

cold rolled precision tube diameter tolerance
Standard deviation of the outer diameter tolerance
D1 ±1.5%. Min±0.75 mm
D2 ±1.0%. Min±0.50 mm
D3 ±0.75%. Min±0.30 mm
D4 ±0.50%. Min±0.10 mm

All our technology innovation only for one aim—the best quality, even that means a higher cost and lower production rate.
1. Checking raw material before producing.
2. Checking one by one before the assebling
3. Checking one by one during the production
4. Have the random inspection before the delivery.cheap skiving roller burnishing

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