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What are the steps for solving the problems when more than two coplanar forces are acting on a rigid body.

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The steps are as; 

1. Check the Problem for concurrent or Non concurrent 

2. Count Total No. of forces acting on the body. 

3. First resolved all the forces in horizontal and vertical direction. 

4. Make the direction of force away from the body. 

5. Take upward forces as positive, down force as negative, Left hand force as negative, and Right hand force as positive 

6. Take sum of all horizontal parts i.e., ∑H 

7. Take sum of all vertical parts i.e., ∑V 

8. Find the resultant of the force system using, R = √ (∑V)2 + (∑H)

9. Find angle of resultant by using tanθ = ∑V/∑H 

10. Take care about sign of ∑V and ∑H.

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