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CBSE Coordinate Geometry Class 9th Formula

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The system used for describing the position of a point in a plane with reference to two mutually perpendicular lines is called cartesian or rectangular coordinate system.

Coordinate axes: Let us draw a horizontal line on a graph paper and draw a vertical line intersecting the horizontal line. The horizontal line is called  x -axis and vertical line is called  y -axis. The two lines taken together are called coordinate axes.

Origin: The point of intersection of x-axis and y -axis are called origin.

Quadrant: The coordinate axis divide the plane of graph paper into 4-regions called quadrant. Coordinate of a point:  Let A(x, y) be the point in a plane.

x=distance of point from y-axis.

y=distance of point from x-axis.

Convention of sign:

I  quadrant →x > 0, y > 0

II  quadrant →x < 0, y > 0

III quadrant →x < 0, y < 0

IV quadrant →x > 0, y < 0

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