Describe the style of sari developed by Jnandanadivi Devi in 1870s

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As nationalist feelings swept across India by the late nineteenth century, Indians began devising cultural symbols that would express the unity of the nation. At the same time, search for a national dress was also made in order to define the cultural identity of the nation in symbolic ways.
Efforts made by different Indians to design a national dress are given below:
u The Tagore family of Bengal came out with designs for a national dress for both men and women in 1870s.
Instead of combining western and Indian style, they combined the elements of Hindu and Muslim dress in designing national dress.
The chapkan (a long buttoned coat) for men was designed.
In late 1870s, Jnanadanandini Devi, adopted the Parsi style of wearing the sari pinned to the left shoulder with a brooch, and worn with a blouse and shoes.
Attempts at devising a Pan-Indian style did not fully succeed, women of different regions wore different type of sari.

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