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Construct a triangle similar to a given triangle with sides 6 cm, 7 cm and 8 cm and whose sides are 5/7th of the corresponding sides of the given triangle.

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Steps of construction:
1. Draw a line segment BC = 7 cm
2. With B as centre and with radius 6 cm. draw an arc.
3. With C as centre and with radius 8 cm. draw another arc. intersecting the
previously drawn arc at A.
4. Join AB and AC. Then. A ABC is the required triangle.
5. Below BC. make an acute angle 4 CBX.
6. Along BX, mark off seven points X1,X2, X3....X7 such that XX1 = X1x2......
7. Join X7 to C and draw a line through X5 parallel to X7C,intersecting the
extended line segment BC at C'.
8. Draw a line through C' parallel to CA intersecting the line segment BA at
A'.Then ABC is the required triangle.

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