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Harold is considered to be fond of only intellectual activities. He proves to be much maturer than his parents think. How ?

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Harold is an intelligent boy who is considered to be a model in studies and behaviour. Everyone at school praises him. He has already won some prizes in academics. He is a bespectacled child. His parents are in a bit of awe of him. His mother, Mrs Bramble, calls him ‘dearie’ and looks upon him as a child prodigy. His father is equally fond and proud of him. His parents come to believe that he should not know that he is the son of a professional boxer. He can never think that he could be a lover of boxing and boxers. When Harold learns about his being the son of a famous boxer, he feels angry of being deprived of glory and honour. He tells his parents that if the fact was known to his school children they would never have dared to make fun of him by calling ‘Goggles’. His interest in games, especially boxing, shows that is much maturer than his parents can ever think of.

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