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‘Keeping It from Harold’ underlines the idea that boxing is as dignified as any other activity, physical or mental. What happens when we downplay one activity over the other, especially our own ability ? What should be our attitude ?

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Mr Bramble, a famous boxer, hides his profession from his intellectually brilliant son, fearing that he might come to hate him. He decides to stop boxing. We feel that when we downplay one activity over the other illogically, we are not doing something fair. If we happen to downplay and dislike our own ability, like Mr Bramble, we are likely to fall in our own eyes. We lose our self-confidence and self-pride. Others may or may not despise us but we begin to despise ourselves. The Brambles are surprised when their son says that he would have loved to be known as the son of a famous boxer.
Therefore, we need to be proud of our own achievements. We should be proud of whatever profession we are in. We should try to excel in it and feel proud of what we do. Only then will other people love and respect us. We should remember that no activity or profession is undignified or low. It is our thinking that makes something desirable or undesirable.

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