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Construct a ΔABC in which BC = 5 cm, ∠B = 60° and AC + AB =7.5 cm.

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Given, in ΔABC, BC=5 cm, ∠B=60° and AC + AB=7.5 cm. To construct the triangle ABC use the following steps.
1.Draw the base BC = 5 cm.
2.At the point B make an ∠XBC = 60°.
3.Cut a line segment BD equal to AB + AC = 7.5 cm from the ray BX.

4.Join DC.
5.Make an ∠DCY = ∠BDC.
6.Let CY intersect BX at A.
Then, ΔABC is the required triangle.

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even i want the solution
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the answer is 7.5 cm

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