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In the class intervals 10-20, 20-30, the number 20 is included in
(a) 10-20                                 
(b) 20-30
(c) Both the intervals           
(d) None of these

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4 Answers

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B is the correct answer
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b is the answer
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20 will be counted in the 20-30 group.
Hence,(b) 20-30 is the answer.

You can refer examples of the NCERT text book for satisfaction.
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(b) Since, the class interval 10-20 is the first interval of frequency distribution and 20-30 is the next one but the number 20 is present in both intervals. We know that, the presence of 20 in the interval 10-20 is not fully 100% while in the next interval 20-30, presence of it fully 100%.

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