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How does food security get affected during a natural calamity ?

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(a) Following are the ways in which food security gets affected during a natural calamity
(i) Due to natural calamity, say drought, total production of food grains decreases.
(ii) Low food production leads to shortage of food in the affected areas.
(iii) Due to shortage of food prices go up. At the high prices some people cannot afford to buy food.
(iv) If such calamity happens in a very widespread area or is stretched over a longer time period, it may cause a situation of starvation.
(v) A massive starvation might take a turn of famine.
(b) Following are the ways in which we can ensure food security in India
(i) By ensuring availability of enough food for all and for all the time.
(ii) By ensuring that people have the capacity to buy food of acceptable quality.
(iii) By ensuring people’s accessibility to food.

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