Who hosted ‘Vienna Congress’ in 1815?

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Who hosted ‘Vienna Congress’ in 1815? Analyse the main changes brought by the ‘Vienna Treaty.’

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Congress of Vienna was hosted by Austrian Chancellor Duke Metternich in 1815. 

The following changes were made: 

(i) The Bourbon dynasty, which had been deposed during the French Revolution, was restored to power and France lost the territories it had annexed.

(ii) A series of states were set up on the boundaries of France to prevent the French expansion in future. Thus, the kingdom of the Netherlands, which included Belgium, was set up in the North and Genoa was added to Piedmont in the South.

(iii) Prussia was given important new territories on its. Western frontiers, while Austria was given control of Northern Italy. 

(iv) The German confederation of 39 states that had been set up by Napoleon was left untouched.

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