Otto von Bismarck was the architect of ‘German Unification’. Explain.

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Otto von Bismarck was the architect of ‘German Unification’. Explain. 


Examine the main features of the process of German unification under the leadership of Otto Von Bismarck.

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Otto von Bismarck was the true architect of Germany who played an important role in the unification of the country. He is known for his policy of ‘Blood and Iron’. Otto von Bismarck and the German unification: 

(i) The middle class Germans in 1848 tried to unite the different regions of the German confederation into a nation—state. 

(ii) Prussian Chief Minister, Otto von Bismarck, with the help of the army and bureaucracy carried out the task of unification. 

(iii) Three wars over seven years with Austria, Denmark and France ended in Prussian victory and completed the process of unification. 

(iv) On 18th January 1871, the Prussian King, Kaiser William-I was proclaimed German emperor in a ceremony held at Versailles in the presence of important officials, army representatives and Otto von Bismarck.

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