NCERT Solutions of Ch The lake Isle of Innisfree Class 9th English Beehive

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Can you provide me NCERT Solutions of Ch The lake Isle of Innisfree Class 9th Beehive English Language and Literature Textbook.

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I. 1.What kind of place is Innisfree? Think about:
(i) the three things the poet wants to do when he goes back there (stanza I);
(ii) what he hears and sees there and its effect on him (stanza II);
(iii) what he hears in his “heart’s core” even when he is far away from Innisfree (stanza III).

1. (i) (a) The poet wants to build a small cabin of clay and wattles.
(b) He wants to plant nine rows of beans.
(c) He wants to keep honey bees hive.

(ii) (a) He hears the cricket’s song.
(b) He holds linnets flying in the sky.
(c) He sees glimmering midnight and glowing rooms.

(iii) When the poet is far away from Innisfree he hears the sound of the lake water washing the shore in his “heart's core”.

2. By now you may have concluded that Innisfree is a simple, natural place, full of beauty and peace. How does the poet contrast it with where he now stands? (Read stanza III.)
The poet contrasts the clay and wattle made cabin, bee loud glade, morning with dews and crickets songs, midnight with glimmer, noon with purple glow, evenings with linnet’s songs lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore etc.

3. Do you think Innisfree is only a place, or a state of mind? Does the poet actually miss the place of his boyhood days?
Innisfree is both an actual place and also a state of mind. The poet had spent his childhood on this beautiful island. Now the beauty of that place is haunting him. He hears in his heart the lake water beating against the shores of the lake. He feels that it is calling him to come back to Innisfree.

II. 1. Look at the words the poet uses to describe what he sees and hears at Innisfree
(i) bee-loud glade
(ii) evenings full of the linnet’s wings
(iii) lake water lapping with low sounds
What pictures do these words create in your mind?

(i) These words bring to our minds the image of buzzing bees.
(ii) These words bring up the image of linnets flying across an evening sky.
(iii) These words evoke not only the image but also the soft sound of a lake's water washing the shore.

2. Look at these words;
...peace comes dropping slow
Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the cricket sings
What do these words mean to you? What do you think “comes dropping slow...from the veils of the morning”? What does “to where the cricket sings” mean?

The poet feels himself already transported to Innisfree. Peace is coming to his troubled soul slowly. In the twilight of the morning, he hears the cricket singing somewhere near him. The cricket is singing songs of a carefree life

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