Column ‘II’ is a list of items related to ideas in Column ‘I’.

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Match the Column

Column ‘II’ is a list of items related to ideas in Column ‘I’. Match the term in Column ‘II’ with the suitable idea given in Column ‘I’.

Column AColumn B
(i) Pituitary(a) produces male sex characteristics
(ii) Ovaries(b) decreases blood sugar level
(iii) Thyroid(c) increases heart and breathing rate, raises blood pressure
(iv) Thymus(d) produces female sex characteristics
(v) Adrenals(e) is known as emergency hormone
(vi) Hypothalamus(f) regulates the level of calcium and phosphorus
(vii) Pancreas(g) increases rate of metabolism
(viii) Testes(h) maintains the level of calcium
(ix) Parathyroidregulates the amount of water excreted in urine.
(x) Cretinism(j) simulates skeletal growth
(xi) Diabetes mellitus(k) regulates the activities of other glands
(xii) Insulin shock(l) stimulates development of male and female sex organs
(xiii) Gigantism(m) Shortage of glucose in blood.
(xiv) Enlargement of breasts in adult males(n) Over-secretion of growth hormone
(xv) Exophthalmic goitre(o) Excess of glucose in blood
(xvi) Acromegaly(p) Over-secretion of thyroxin
(xvii) Addison’s disease(q) Dwarfism and mental retardation
(xviii)Cretinism(r) Over-secretion of cortical hormones
(xix) Dwarfism(s) Under-secretion of adrenal cortex
(xx) Adrenalin(t) Under-secretion of thyroxin in children
(xxi) Vasopressin(u) Over-secretion of growth hormones in adults

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(i) (j)   (ii) (d)   (iii) (g)   (iv) (l)   (v) (c)   (vi) (k)   (vii) (b)   (viii) (a)   (ix) (f)   (x) (q)   (xi) (o) (xii) (m)   (xiii) (n)   (xiv) (r)   (xv) (p)   (xvi) (u)   (xvii) (s)   (xviii) (t)   (xix) (s)   (xx) (e)   (xxi) (i)

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