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Study the diagram given below and then answer the questions that follow:

(i) Name the part labeled A. Name any two hormones produced by the part labeled A.
(ii) What happens to the part labeled B.
(1) if fertilization takes place?
(2) If fertilization does not take place?
(iii) Where do fertilization occur?
(iv) Draw a neat diagram of the human sperm as seen under high magnification and label the following parts.
(1) Acrosome
(2) Mitochondria

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1 Answer

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(i) A is ovary—Hormones are oestrogen and progesterone.
(ii) (1) If fertilization takes place, after about 7 days of fertilization the embryo reaches the uterus.
(2) If there is no fertilization uterine lining is shed off with blood flow.
(iii) Fallopian tube.

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