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The diagram given below is that of a developing human foetus in the womb. Study the same and then answer the questions that follow:

(i) Name the parts’l’ to ‘5’ indicated by guidelines.
(ii) What term is given to the period of development of the foetus in the womb?
(iii) How many days does the foetus take to be fully developed?
(iv) Mention two functions of the parts labeled ‘2’ other than its endocrine function.
(y) Name the hormone (any one) produced by the part labeled ‘2’.
(vi) What is The function of the part marked ‘3’?

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(i) 1. Umbilical cord
2. Placenta
3. Amniotic fluid
4. Cervix
5. Uterus wall
(ii) Gestation period.
(iii) 280 days.
(iv) Provides nutrition and exchange of respiratory gases by diffusion.
(v) Progesterone.
(vi) Prevents foetus from jerks and shocks. Also prevents foetus from sticking to the uterine wall.

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