Give the correct IUPAC name structural formulae given below:

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 Give the correct IUPAC name structural formulae given below:

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1.Propanal 2.Propan-1-ol
3.Propyne 4.Pentan-3-ol
5.2-methyl propane, 6.Ethanoic acid
7.1, 2-dichloroethane 8.2-Chloro hex-5-yn-1-al
9.3-methyl-but-3-en-1-ol 10.1-chloro-2methyl propane
11.2,4-dimethyl-pentan-3-one 12.2-methoxy-4-pentan-3-one
13.2-chloro-3-hydroxy propanal 14.Ethanedioic acid
15.Pent-1-en-4-yne 16.Pent-3-en-1-yne
17.Propane-1-ol 18.Pentan-2-one
19.2-Methyl Pentanoic acid 20.Hexan-3-one
21.2-Bromo, 2-methyl butanol 22.But-2-yne
23.1,2,-dichloro ethane . 24.2-methyl butane
25.2-methyl propane

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