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A white crystalline solid A on dissolving in water forms a neutral solution. When solid A is heated with calcium hydroxide, it gives off colourless gas B having a sharp biting smell. The gas fumes very strongly in air and turns red litmus blue. The aqueous solution of A on treating with lead acetate solution forms a white precipitate C. The precipitate is insoluble in all acids.
(i) Name the cation present in solid A.
(ii) Name the anion present in solid A.
(iii) Name the solid A and write its chemical formula.
(iv) Name the colourless gas B.
(v) Write one more chemical test for the identification of gas B.
(vi) Name the white precipitate C.
(vii) Write fully balanced chemical equations for:
(a) Solid A and calcium hydroxide.
(b) Solution of solid A and lead acetate solution.

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(i) Cation in A is ammonium (NH4+)
(ii) Anion in A is sulphate (SO42- )
(iii) Solid A is ammonium sulphate [(NH4)2SO4]2
(iv) The colourless gas B is ammonia gas.
(v) Bring a rod dipped in HCl sol. near the gas. The dense white fumes of ammonium chloride are formed.
(vi) White precipitate C is lead sulphate.
(a) (NH4)2SO4 + Ca(OH)2   ⟶  CaSO4 + 2NH3 + 2H2O
(b) (NH4)2SO4 + (CH3COO)2Pb  ⟶  PbSO4 + 2CH3COONH4

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