Identify the following solids.

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Identify the following solids.
(i) A silvery white solid which floats on the surface of water and reacts violently to give tiny bubbles of a colourless gas. The gas burns in air with a pop sound. The chloride of solid gives a non-persistent lilac colour to non-luminous bunsen flame.
(ii) A pale yellow compound gives a persistent golden yellow colour in non-luminous bunsen burner flame. When treated with water, it liberates a colourless gas, which burns with a pop sound.
(iii) A white solid on treating with water gives off a colourless gas which has a sharp biting smell and turns red- litmus blue. The white solid formed after the reaction is soluble in cone, sodium hydroxide solution.

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(i) The solid is potassium metal (ii) The solid is sodium hydride
(iii) The solid is aluminium nitride

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