Using ruler and compasses construct:

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asked Mar 6 in Class X Maths by aditya23 (-2,140 points)

Using ruler and compasses construct:
(i) a triangle ABC in which AB = 5.5 cm, BC = 3.4 cm and CA = 4.9 cm.
(ii) the locus of point equidistant from A and C.
(iii) a circle touching AB at A and passing through C.

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answered Mar 6 by priya12 (-12,564 points)

Steps of construction :

(i) Draw AC = 4.9 cm, draw  AB = 5.5 cm and AC = 4.9 cm.

(ii) Draw bisector l ⊥ AC.

(iii) Draw AO ⊥ AB.

(iv) Intersection of AO and L is centre of circle.

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