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(i) Construct a triangle ABC in which AB = 5.0 cm, BC = 3.5 cm and ABC = 67.1/2˚(Use a pair of compasses and ruler only).

(ii) Construct a circle to touch AB at B and it pass through C. 

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Steps of construction :

(i) Draw BC = 3.5 cm.

(ii) At B draw BE such that EBC  = 67.1/2˚. From BE cut off BA = 5 cm.

(iii) Join AC. Then ABC is the required triangle.

(iv) Produce EB to F.

(v) At B draw BG such that  ∠EBG = 90˚.

(vi) Draw perpendicular bisector of BC to cut BG at O.

(vii) With O as centre and OB as radius draw a circle. This is  the required circle to touch AB at B and pass through C.

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