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Construct a triangle having base 6 cm, vertical angle 60˚ and median through the vertex is 4 cm.

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Steps of construction :

1. Draw a line segment AB = 6 cm.

2. Make an angle PAB = 60˚

3. Draw the perpendicular bisectors LM of AB.

4. Draw TA ⊥ AP at A.

5. Let LM and TA intersect at O.

6. Draw the circle with centre O and radius OA. Then any angle in the major segment, ∠PAB = 60˚ (Angle in alternate segment).

7. Let LM intersect AB at N, then N is the mid-point of AB. Taking N as centre and 4 cm radius, draw arcs intersecting the circle C, C’.

8.Join CA, CB and C’A and C’B. Then the required  triangle is ABC or ABC’.

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