Using a ruler and compasses only :

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asked Mar 15 in Class X Maths by muskan15 (-2,329 points)

Using a ruler and compasses only :

(i) Construct a triangle ABC with the following data : AB = 3.5 cm, BC = 6 cm and ∠ABC  = 120˚

(ii) In the same diagram, draw a circle with BC as diameter. Find a point P on the circumference of the circle which is equidistant from AB and BC.

(iii) Measure ∠BCP.

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answered Mar 15 by aditya23 (-605 points)

(i) 1.Draw a line segment  BC = 6 cm.

2. Draw ∠ABC = 120˚.

3. With centre B and radius BA = 3.5 cm, draw an arc.

4. Join AB and AC.

(ii) 1. Draw the right bisector on line BC cut the BC line at M.

2. Draw another bisector of line AC.

3. With M as centre and radius MB draw a circle cut AC bisector at P.

(iii) ∠BCP = 30˚.

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