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Read the extract and answer the questions that follow.

September felt her heart go thump, thump against her chest, and she made up her mind to take no more risks. She put up her hand and took hold of the bird. This he was quite used to, she liked feeling his heart go pit-a-pat, so fast, in the hollow of her hand, and I think he liked the soft warmth of her little hand. So the bird suspected nothing and he was so surprised when she carried him over to the cage, popped him in, and shut the door on him for a moment he could think of nothing to say. But in a moment or two he hopped up on the ivory perch and said: “What is the joke?” “There’s no joke,” said September, “but some of mamma’s cats are prowling about to-night, and I think you’re much safer in there.”

What did the bird do after being put in the cage?

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When the little nightingale was popped into the cage, it first thought it was a joke. But when the princess refused to let it out, it started sobbing and pleading to the princess. The bird repeatedly told the princess that it couldn’t sing when it was caged and if it didn’t sing it would die.

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