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UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Chapter 1 The Inventor Who Kept His Promise Multiple Choice Type Questions

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Select the most suitable alternative to complete each of the following statements:

1. Edison told his teacher, “But the kites have no wings and still we can fly them in the sky. It was ……….. 
(a) a silly statement.
(b) an intelligent statement.
(c) a doubtful statement.
(d) a wrong statement.

2. Edison gave his teacher ……….
(a) a silly answer.
(b) an intelligent answer.
(c) a doubtful answer.

3. When Edison went on asking questions in the class, the teacher thought that …………..
(a) he was trying to befool her.
(b) he was stupid and naughty. “
(c) he was very intelligent.
(d) arrogant

4. Edison was fond of ……..
(a) telling stories.
(b) playing games.
(c) doing experiments.
(d) flying kites.

5. when Edison tried his experiment on his servant girl, …. 
(a) she began to fly.
(b) she fell down on the ground.
(c) she fell ill.
(d) she started running.

6. Edison got a beating from his mother because ………. 

a) he had smashed the eggs and spoilt his shorts.
(b) he had hatched the eggs.
(c) he had eaten up all the eggs.

7. Edison’s father gave him twenty-five cents for every book he read because ……… 
(a) he had failed in all his experiments.
(b) he wanted Edison to read more.
(c) Edison’s ideas were wrong.
(d) he was a funny boy.

8. Electric light shone for the first time in America in …….. 
(a) 1878.
(b) 1880.
(c) 1882.
(d) 1872

9. The scientist who invented electric light was …….
(a) an Indian.
(b) an American.
(c) a German.
(d) an Austrian.

10. Edison was taken out of the school because …………… 
(a) his teacher was dissatisfied with him and wanted him to be withdrawn from school.
(b) he was dissatisfied with the teacher.
(c) the teacher did not permit Edison to ask questions.

11. Edison’s parents took him out of the school because ……..
(a) they lacked money.
(b) the teacher asked them to do so.
(C) the teacher was mad.
(d) he was a dull boy.

12. Edison used his pocket money …..
(a) to buy sweets and chocolates.
(b) to buy books.
(c) to set up a small laboratory.
(d) to go out and see new places.

13. He invented gramophone in …
(a) 1882.
(b) 1878.
(c) 1898.
(d) 1888.

14. Edison became famous with the discovery of …………
(a) television.
(b) railway wagon.
(c) radio.
(d) gramophone.

15. Edison died on …….
(a) 18th Oct. 1931.
(b) 13th Sept. 1929.
(c) 14th Sept. 1886.
(d) 2nd Nov. 1930.

16. Edison succeeded in making an electric bulb after nearly …….. 
(a) one thousand experiments.
(b) two thousand experiments.
(c) one thousand and two hundred experiments.
(d) one thousand and five hundred experiments.

17. The teacher thought that Edison was :…………. 
(a) stubborn and haughty
(b) a genius
(c) stupid and naughty
(d) very mischievous

18. The silver jubilee of the invention of electric bulb was celebrated in : 
(a) 1878
(b) 1880
(c) 1882
(d) 1929

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