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UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Chapter 1 The Inventor Who Kept His Promise True False Statements

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State whether the following statements are ‘True’ or ‘False’:
1. Thomas Alva Edison was a German.
2. The teacher thought that Edison was stupid and naughty.
3. For Edison his mother was the best teacher.
4. Young Edison found in his mother his tolerable teacher.
5. Edison bought toys and sweets with the pocket money his father gave him.
6. When Edison offered a wonderful mixture made from pulped worms to the servant girl, she refused to drink it.
7. Edison was born in Canada.
8. The Silver Jubilee of the invention of electric light was celebrated in 1929.
9. Edison was a dull boy during his student days.
10. Edison promised to give Americans electric light in one year.
11. Edison took up a job in the railways when he was just twelve years old.
12. Electric lights shone for the first time in America in 1880.
13. Edison did not serve his country during the First World War.
14. Edison died on 4th September, 1882.
15. Edison did not thank the President for the award.
16. Edison succeeded in inventing the electric light after performing a thousand experiments.
17. Edison served his country during the First World War. 18. Edison showed his talking machine to the President of the United States of America at the White House in Washington.
19. As a child, Edison was fond of asking questions.
20. As a child, Edison was not fond of asking questions.
21. Edison was taken out of school because he was a stupid boy.
22. Edison was fond of books and read a lot of them.
23. Edison was never satisfied till he got the right answer.
24. Edison was a German scientist.
25. Some of Edison’s experiments were silly but he learnt a lot from them.
26. Edison was born in India.
27. Edison got a beating from his mother because he had eaten all the eggs. .
28. Edison invented the gramophone in 1877.
29. Thomas Alva Edison was a great inventor of England.
30. Edison made the world happier and brighter.
31. Edison said, “I shall never invent anything which will destroy life. I want to make people happy.”
32. The President of America invited Edison to the White House.
33. On 4th Sept, 1882, for the first time, New York shone in the brightness of electric light.
34. Even in his childhood Edison loved to do experiments.
35. Parents of Edison did not encourage him in his experiment.
36. Edison was a great American sailor.
37. The President of the USA received Edison and honoured him in a big function.
38. Edison did not join the railways.
39. Edison made forty war-time inventions.
40. Edison promised his mother to give her a dollar every night from what he earned.
41. Edison served his country during the World War II.
42. Edison succeeded in making an electric bulb.
43. Edison joined the railways because he needed more money for his experiments.
44. Edison invented many things which can destroy life.
45. Edison was a great inventor but he was never awarded a medal for his inventions.
46. Thomas Alva Edison was a great singer.
47. Edison was born in England.
48. Edison made more than one thousand experiments.
49. The invention of his talking machine made Edison famous all over America.
50. Edison was an Australian scientist.

1. F. 2. T. 3. T. 4. F. 5. F. 6. F. 7. F. 8. T. 9. T. 10. F. 11. T. 12. T. 13. F. 14. F. 15. T. 16. F. 17. T, 18. T, 19. T, 20. F, 21. T, 22. T, 23. T, 24. F, 25. T. 26. F, 27. F, 28. F, 29. F, 30. T, 31. T, 32. T, 33. T, 34. T, 35. T, 36. F, 37. T, 38. F. 39. T, 40. T, 41. F. 42. T. 43. T. 44. F, 45. F, 46. F, 47. F, 48. T. 49. T, 50. F.

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