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UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Chapter 2 The Judgement-Seat of Vikramaditya (Sister Nivedita) Multiple Choice Type Questions

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Select the most suitable alternative to complete each of the following statements :

1. Vikram Samvat’ owes its origin to ………… 
(a) Lord Buddha.
(b) Ashoka.
(c) Vikramaditya.

2. Vikramaditya is famous for his …. 
(a) wisdom.
(b) justice.
(c) honesty.
(d) love for his subject.

3. The labourers dug out a block of marble slab supported on the hands and wings of stone-angels numbering ……….. 
(a) a dozen.
(b) twenty.
(c) twenty-five.
(d) thirty-one.

4. The judgement-seat of Vikramaditya was made of … 
(a) gold.
(b) silver.
(c) iron.
(d) stone.

5. When the king of Ujjain was making his first attempt to sit on the throne of Vikramaditya ………..
(a) his judges and priests warned him against doing so.
(b) the shephered boy stood in his way and stopped him from going to the throne.
(c) one of the angels told him to purify himself to be worthy to sit on it and
flew away.

6. The king of Ujjain could not occupy the throne because …………
(a) he was not as just as Vikramaditya.
(b) his heart was not as pure as that of a little child. 
(c) he had desired to possess the riches of others.

7. The angel asked the king to go and fast aid pray for three days so that 
(a) somebody else could try to ascend the throne.
(b) no one might occupy it.
(c) the king might purify himself and be worthy to sit on the throne.

8. The shepherd-boy sitting on the mound looked changed because he 
(a) listened to the complaints.
(b) was no ordinary boy.
(c) got the spirit of knowledge and justice.
(d) had to decide the disputes.

9. The guilty trembled before Vikramaditya because 
(a) he was very cruel.
(b) he was unjust.
(c) he was intelligent enough to know their guilt.
(d) he looked very fearful.

10. The king could not sit on the judgement-seat of Vikramaditya because 
(a) he was afraid of the cowherd boy.
(b) every day he was pushed aside by an angel.
(c) he thought himself to be unworthy of it.
(d) he wanted to be a just king.

11. The last angel did not allow the king to sit on the judgement-seat of Vikramaditya because
(a) the king had not completed his prayer.
(b) the angel was not in a good mood.
(c) the king had come before the right time.
(d) the king’s heart was not as pure as that of a child.

12. When the mound was dug deep, the king found ……. 
(a) seven jars full of gold coins.
(b) skeletons of dead soldiers.
(c) rare musical instruments.
(d) the judgement-seat of Vikramaditya. 

13. The judgement-seat of Vikramaditya was found …..
(a) in the jungle.
(b) in the river.
(c) deep under the mound.

14. Vikramaditya was never deceived because ……….. 
(a) he was the king.
(b) he would see straight into guilt of guilty persons.
(c) he was a magician.

15. The angels took the judgement-seat to ………... 
(a) the sky
(b) another kingdom.
(c) the sea
(d) the hell

16. The judgement-seat of Vikramaditya was found in ………. 
(a) Indore.
(b) Delhi.
(c) Ujjain.
(d) Bhopal.

17. In due course of time, the palace and the fortress of Vikramaditya were ……………. 
(b) decorated
(c) rebuilt
(d) lost.

18. At last the labourers found a slab of black marble supported on the hands and wings of …………… 
(a) thirty-five stone angels.
(b) twenty-five stone angels.
(c) twenty-one stone angels.
(d) twenty-seven stone angels.

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