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UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Chapter 2 The Judgement-Seat of Vikramaditya (Sister Nivedita) True/False Statements

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State whether the following statements are ‘True’ or ‘False’:
1. Vikramaditya always punished the wrong/innocent man. 
2. Vikramaditya loved justice and learning. 
3. King Vikramaditya did not love justice and learning. 
4. Vikramaditya was the king of Ujjain. 
5. The famous judgement-seat of Vikramaditya, as dug out of a mound, was supported on the hands of twenty-four stone angles.
6. The judgement-seat of Vikramaditya was lying buried in the pasture.
7. After the death of Vikramaditya, the people of Ujjain, in due course of time, forgot him.
8. The first angel asked the king of Ujjain if he was worthy to sit on the judgement-seat of Vikramaditya.
9. The judgement-seat of Vikramaditya did not disappear from the earth
10. After observing three days’ prayer and fasting the king ascended the throne. 
11.Vikram Samvat owes its origin to Vikramaditya.
12.The beautiful palace of Vikramaditya stands even today in Ujjain. 
13. When the shepherd-boy sat on the mound the spirit of knowledge and justice would come to him.
14. Vikramaditya was never deceived.
15. Vikramaditya never failed in getting at the culprit.
16. It is said that Vikramaditya was not the greatest judge in history. 
17. The angel flew up into the sky bearing the slab upon his head.
18. The cowherd boy sat on the mound and became grave and serious.
19. The king of Ujjain, at last, sat on the throne of Vikramaditya. 
20. No one knows the name of Vikramaditya in India. 
21. The last angel allowed the king of Ujjain to sit on the judgement-seat of | Vikramaditya. 
22. We all are unfamiliar with the name of Vikramaditya. 
23. Vikramaditya is famous for his justice. 
24. The guilty trembled coming before him.
25. Many boys gathered to play near the ruin of the palace of Vikramaditya
which became a pasture land afterwards.
26. One boy sat on the mound and declared him a doctor.
27. The king of Ujjain ordered to dig under the mound.
28. The king prayed and fasted for 5 days.
29. The last angel was pleased with the king of Ujjain and let him sit on the Judgement-seat of Vikramaditya.
30. The Judgement-seat of Vikramaditya was a slab of white marble. 
31. The Judgement-seat of Vikramaditya was supported on the hands and wings of twenty-five stone angles. 
32. Vikramaditya loved experiments. 
33. When the boy jumped down from his seat, he was quite different from other boys. 
34. Vikramaditya always punished innocents. 
35. Vikramaditya loved injustice. 
36. The judgement-seat of Vikramaditya was supported on the hands and wings of twenty-five stone angels. 
37. King Vikramaditya did justice.
38. The beautiful palace of Vikramaditya stood in Delhi. 
39. The judgement-seat of Vikramaditya was lying buried in the pasture. 

1. T, 2. T, 3. F, 4. T, 5. F, 6. T, 7. T, 8. T, 9. F, 10. F, 11. T, 12. F, 13. T, 14. T, 15. T, 16. F, 17. T, 18. T, 19. F, 20. F, 21. F. 22. F, 23. T, 24. T, 25. T, 26. F, 27. T, 28. F, 29. F, 30. F, 31. T, 32. F, 33. F, 34. F, 35. F, 36. T, 37. T, 38. F, 39. T.

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