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UP Board Solutions for Class 10 English Supplementary Reader Chapter 3 My Greatest Olympic Prize (Jesse Owens) Multiple Choice Type Questions.

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Select the most suitable alternative to complete each of the following statements :

1. Jesse Owens disliked Adolf Hitler because … 
(a) he patronised Luz Long, a rival of Jesse.
(b) he had kept Luz Long hidden from other Olympic athletes.
(c) he advocated the doctrine of the Aryan Supremacy.
(d) he suffered from vanity by organising the Games in Berlin.

2. Jesse Owens could not clear two of the three long-jump trials because he
(a) was nervous.
(b) was over-confident.
(c) was angry over the ‘master race’ theory of Adolf Hitler.
(d) feared that Luz Long, a German athlete, might beat him at the finals.

3. The important thing in the Olympic Games is …. 
(b) taking part
(c) playing tricks
(d) to give trials

4. The essential thing in life is …….. 
(a) fighting well
(b) conquering
(c) earning money
(d) winning prize

5. Owens did not want Luz Long to win because
(a) he wanted to retain the world record he had set.
(b) that would have added some new support to the Nazis’ Aryan Superiority Theory.
(c) it would disappoint him after long years of training.

6. Jesse Owens was angry because ….. 
(a) he was not allowed to take part in the event.
(b) he had not qualified himself for the event.
(c) Negroes were supposed to be inferior to Aryans.
(d) Germans were not superior to all other races of the world.

7. Jesse Owens was …………
(a) an American Negro.
(b) a great long-distance runner.
(c) a great German sportsman.

8. Olympic Games were held in Berlin in …… 
(a) 1932.
(b) 1936.
(c) 1940
(d) 1930.

9. In the beginning Jesse Owens was a little angry at …………… 
(a) himself.
(b) Luz Long.
(c) Hitler’s ways.
(d) his coach.

10. Jesse Owens, the great Olympian, couldn’t jump properly in the beginning because …….
(a) he was in tension.
(b) he didn’t know how to jump properly.
(c) he didn’t want to jump.
(d) he was ill.

11. Hitler believed in the .. 
(a) equality of all races.
(b) superiority of German race.
(c) superiority of English race.

12. Jesse Owens believed that his greatest Olympic Prize was………
(a) the medal he received.
(b) the money he received.
(c) the friendship with Luz Long.

13. Luz Long was a real sportsman because ………………… 
(a) he was tall and well built.
(b) he was a German.
(c) his main object in games was not conquering but fighting well.

14. The Olympic Games in 1936, were held in 
(a) New York
(b) Berlin
(c) Japan
(d) China

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