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Which one of the following activities is not an example of incident coordination?

A. Establishing priorities among incidents.

B. Directing, ordering, or controlling.

C. Synchronized Public information messages.

D. Resolving critical resources issues.

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Option B is correct because through out all the activities, controlling, directing and controlling in not a part of incident coordination activities.


To understand this question, it is necessary to understand that who is incident coordinator?  He’s a person who is responsible for tasks related to administration process and ensure that onsite activities are working properly or not. For further explanation, following are the activities that are solely responsibility of incident coordinator:

• To establish the interaction between different agencies and shareholder as well as stakeholders.

• To collect and analyse the send information

• To establish the incident priorities

• To track the resources

• Synchronize public service messages

These are the main functions or activities done by the incident coordinator. He is the managing person and cannot control the authorities or give any sort of directions to any person in the department or office. Same as, he is not responsible or direct to give any orders to the staff members.

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